Our Guide

We explain the advantages and challenges of managing an in-house Lightning Operations platform. Discover how Amboss helps crypto businesses like yours not only implement, but excel with an in-house approach to Lightning Operations.

The Opportunity

Bitcoin's value and adoption have skyrocketed, reaching all-time highs.

The Challenge

This surge in popularity has led to increased on-chain fees, network congestion, and a decline in user experience.

The Solution

Enter the Lightning Network – a Layer 2 solution designed to facilitate fast, low-cost Bitcoin transactions. If you’re at the forefront of crypto exchanges, wallets, or payment services, it's crucial to refine your Lightning strategy now.

Questions to Consider

  • What’s the best approach to leveraging the Lightning Network for a competitive edge?
  • Should you develop your own Lightning Operations in-house, use ready-made tools, or outsource the process?

A Complete Guide to In-House Lightning Ops

This guide covers the rising challenges of Bitcoin's popularity, explores strategic solutions for crypto enterprises, and details the benefits of managing your Lightning Operations in-house.

Check out the guide here:

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